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The owner and creator of Skin Entourage! As an adult, I’ve struggled with eczema
and psoriasis. In searching for a solution, I was encouraged to introduce my skin to intense
ingredients and complex chemicals that would cause frustrating side effects.

So, I took matters into my own hands...literally! I created my own, completely natural skincare products jam-packed

with healing herbs and nourishing oils. Products that I could trust! Ingredients I could pronounce!

For those crafting their very first skincare routine or skincare gurus looking to revamp their
regimen, you are sure to find new go-to products that will help you become your own skincare
goals! Whether your mission is to defeat dry skin or keep bothersome blemishes at bay, our
products are handmade with the love and care needed to help you combat all of your skincare
concerns. In fact, each one of our long-lasting products are made to battle multiple concerns, 

with an emphasis on noticeable results. It’s our thoroughly researched, ethically sourced, plant-based and

vegan ingredients that make our products multi-use and safe on the entire body!

Put your mind at ease with skincare products you can trust to naturally improve the overall
look, feel, and health of your skin.

With so many options, we are happy you chose Skin Entourage! Enjoy the journey!


Skin Entourage



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